Kingloch Parade, Wantirna Construction Updates

Q4 2023: Construction Update.

‘Twas a year of hustle and bustle at Kingloch Parade, so let’s take a moment to reflect on the journey so far.

What we can see: Authority headworks, civil infrastructure, retaining walls, communal stairs, detailed lot benching and pre-slab site cuts.

What we can’t see: Formal inspections, testing and authority certifications, subdivision approvals and financial close with the construction financier.

What we’ll see next: Final tidy up for builder handover, builder announcement, hopefully a lot less mud and some sunny weather.

Q3 2023: Construction Update.

Q2 2023: Construction Update.

Ah, Melbourne’s predictably cold and wet winter’s back! Despite the endless mud pits, things are processing smoothly on site.

What we can see: New fire hydrants, NBN installation, engineered steel ready to be cored into site and lots of muddy trades.

What we can’t see: Completed storm water, main water & all fire services pipes, more pits (with over 100 underground!) and you guessed it, another 2000m3 of soil gone.

What we’ll see next: Final testing and certificates for all services, lot benching for preslab works and a final tidy up for handover, along with some very exciting news you’ve all been waiting patiently for.

Q1 2023: Construction Update.

Kingloch Parade has had a cracking start to 2023 with a dry summer on our side.

What we can see: 4 metre deep trenches, heaps of crushed rock and some very hard working plumbers.

What we can’t see: Pits & pipes of all shapes & size(s), dual detention system along the blue-green spine and some more purchasers joining the community.

What we’ll see next: More piles of dirt (exciting stuff – we know), qualified electricians joining the ride and some shiny new water meters.

Q4 2022: Construction commenced.

It’s been a busy few months at Kingloch Parade, despite the industry uncertainty and wet weather (cheers, La Niña).

What we can see: No more weeds & shrubs (some trees had to go too), site cuts to remove the not-so-nice stuff, shiny new boundary fencing & retaining walls.

What we can’t see: Over 200 truckloads of soil gone, live power, detailed design approvals and all purchasers chuffed with their customisations sorted.

What we’ll see next: Detailed lot leveling, some more retaining walls and with some luck, a dry summer break.

Q3 2022: Early works and authority headworks commenced.