About Us

Oz Property Group develops, owns and manages inspirational residential and commercial real estate.

Oz Property Group started in 2007 with an aim to create modern and liveable spaces.

Right from our first development, we have collaborated with the best to always create great places to live.

We entered the hotel sector in 2011 and now employ a range of industry professionals that develop and manage hotels.

Where it all started
Where it all started in 2007- a 12m2 office – but lots of natural light!

Recognising the local culture and heritage is a key part of our approach to develop inspirational spaces.

We create modern spaces without rejecting the local culture, history and heritage, aiming to integrate them in all project outcomes.

Oz Property Group is committed to developing projects that make a positive contribution to the communities in which we build.

Our team seeks genuine ways to contribute to the community. We also partner with various not for profit organisations on numerous social initiatives.

Collaborating Craftsmanship

Since 2007 we have collaborated with some of Melbourne’s most talented designers and builders, to ensure we always deliver inspirational developments.

Fostering Relationships

We have a strong customer focus with an emphasis on fostering close, long term relationships and creating long term value for our valued clients.

Trust and Diligence

Our reputation for delivering well executed projects is built on an open, honest and transparent way of working that typifies a prudent development philosophy.