Shelley St Construction Updates

Q1 2024 Construction Update

Keeping with the momentum from last year, we have wrapped up the installation of structural steel. The new year has brough determination and preparation, as Shelley St experiences consistent progress for the quarter.

Construction Phase: Structural Steel

Key Milestones: Concrete cutters in preparation for structural steel, carving out of the recesses for the base plates, delivery and installation and inspection of structural steel and welding works for all townhouses.

Next Steps: Framing deliveries and installation, edge protection and scaffolding, brick deliveries.

Q4 2023 Construction Update

The silly season is officially upon us! The mood is high as we sign off on the structural steel for manufacturing, in preparation for delivery in the new year.

Construction Phase: Structural Steel, Electrical/ Fire Collars & Insulation

Key Milestones: All basement insulation materials were delivered and installed. Additionally, the GMP was delivered with the electricians on-site ready to complete the fit-off. To end the year on a high note, OPG went to the manufacturing warehouse to inspect the structural steel, certifying the project was on track for delivery in the next quarter.

Next Steps: Preparation and delivery of structural steel on site.

Q1 2023 Construction Update

Staircases, basement electrical works and smaller works around site.

Construction Phase: Electrical/Fire Collars and Concrete Staircases

Key Milestones: The formwork and pour of the staircases connecting the courtyard to the basement level have completed, along with the pour of Townhouse’s suspended slab. Additionally, the basement rough-in which included laying out lines, pulling wiring, grounding, and setting up the electrical panel was completed.

Next Steps: Basement Insulation and further electrical works.

Q4 2022 Construction Update

We’ve hit some milestones this year, finishing the year off strong with the suspended slab pour.

Construction Phase: Slab works

Milestones: Formwork, steel and pour for the basement and suspended ground floor slab. Additionally, commencement of the service risers being put in place.

Next Steps: Blockwork

Q3 2022 Construction Update 

Basement works are underway with the civil works ticked off over the course of the quarter. Exciting times to see works moving on upwards.

Construction Phase: Basement works

Milestones: Completion of underground plumbing and drainage works in preparation for the basement slab pour. Additionally, the remaining storage area, service enclosure and bin storage rooms have been completed along with the last remaining storage column that will hold up the ground floor suspended slab. These areas have been inspected by the building surveyor for approval.

Next Steps: Remove the large rocks from the basement in preparation for the concrete pour.

Q2 2022 Construction Update

Ticking off the last remaining items for earthworks and plumbing items at Shelley St. With underground works taking shape, OPG have been busy preparing for the concrete pour.

Construction Phase: Basement works

Key Milestones: Form work for the underground walls is now complete. The concrete core was filled set for the suspended slab to commence. The storage and bin rooms are now complete, allowing the entry ramp to be poured which would give a first look into the above ground works.

Next Steps: Completion of earthworks and plumbing works and preparation for the concrete pour.

Q1 2022 Construction Update

A strong start to the year at Shelley St, with a continuation of basement works following on from last year.

Construction Phase: Basement works

Key Milestones: Concrete columns were poured to support the basement roof. Additionally, underground drainage works were completed.

Next Steps: The ramp and slab pour

Q4 2021 Construction Update

The last quarter has been a busy month, despite some recent shutdowns, Shelley St is continuing to make great progress as basement works commence.

Construction Phase: Concrete and basement works

Key Milestones: Ground anchors and bulk excavation. Rock drilling and removal is currently in progress with the concrete works for shotcrete and slab on ground completed. Piling and capping beams are now complete.

Next Steps: Underground drainage works and bulk excavation works.

Q3 2021 Construction Update

We sadly say goodbye to our display suite and hello to commencement of works with our council permits being approved!

Construction Phase: Basement works

Key Milestones: Recent planning approvals from Yarra Council has allowed for Arrow, our builder to take over the site and commence basement works. The authority headworks including external connections to the site are currently underway.

Next Steps: Piling and capping beams

Q2 2020 Construction Update 

The beginning of the construction process at Shelley St. Tune in as we provide updates throughout the construction journey.

Construction Phase: Demolition and early works
Key Milestones: The neighbouring property and public protection works have commenced
Next Steps: The demolition of the corner warehouse component of the site in the coming weeks