Shelley St Construction Updates

February 2024: Structural Steel Installation

We are currently installing the structural steel on site.

January 2024: Structural Steel Delivery and Concrete Cutters

Our concrete cutters were onsite, carving out recesses for the base plates, in preparation for the structural steel delivery.

December 2023: Structural Steel Manufacturing

Structural steel was sent off to manufacture, in preparation for installation in the new year!

November 2023: GMP Delivery

Remaining insulation works have been completed.

Additionally, the GMP was delivered on site and electrical fit-off was completed.

October 2023: Basement Insulation

All insulation materials have been delivered, and the installation works have commenced.

September 2023: Electrical rough-in

Our electricians were on site to complete the basement rough in.

April 2023: Staircases

The stairs connecting the courtyard to the basement level have been finished, and the suspended slab for Townhouse 9 has been poured, along with the completion of the staircase.

March 2023: Block work.

Remaining concerte filled block work has been completed.

Next up we’ll see Townhouse 9’s suspended slab poured and steel framing to be delivered to site in the coming weeks.

February 2023: Basement completion.

Final touches were completed within the basement with the form work being removed.

January 2023: Block work.

Now we’re onto the above ground structure with the concrete filled block work.

Remaining block work to be poured in the coming weeks.

December 2022: Suspended slab pour.

We’re happy to be finishing off the year with the suspended slab pour. It’s great to be well and truly out of the ground.

The above ground electrical and plumbing has now commenced with the service risers being put in place.

Next steps are block work which is set to commence in the new year.

November 2022: Suspended slab.

The formwork and steel have been completed.

Not long now until the suspended slab pour.

October 2022: Basement slab pour.

Although Melbourne’s rainy weather has been challenging, the site team have managed to make healthy progress with the basement slab now complete.

The next steps are for the suspended ground floor slab to be boxed up. We’re excited to be moving above ground!


September 2022: Basement works. 

Underground drainage and plumbing works have now been completed.

The next steps are to remove the large rocks from the basement in preparation for the concrete pour in the coming weeks.

August 2022: Basement works.

Plumbing and drainage works continue down at Shelley St.

July 2022: Basement works.

Plumbing and drainage works have commenced, which is critical for our upcoming basement slab pour.

The remaining storage area, service enclosure and bin storage rooms have been completed along with the last remaining column that will hold up the ground floor suspended slab. These areas have been inspected by the building surveyor for approval.

June 2022: Basement works.

The concrete pour of the entry ramp has been completed.

Works are still progressing, with the concrete slab to come next.

May 2022: Basement works.

Works are progressing within the basement at Shelley St, with good progress on the remaining earthworks and plumbing items.

The storage and bin rooms are now complete, allowing the entry ramp to be poured which would give a first look into the above ground works.

Reinforcement of the ramp and bond deck is ready for the concrete pour.

April 2022: Basement works.

The underground walls are starting to take shape with the form work now complete. The concrete core filling is due to occur soon so the suspended slab can commence.

February 2022: More basement works.

It’s been a great year for Shelley St so far.

The concrete columns have been poured to support the basement roof. Ramp and slab pour to come next.

January 2022: Basement works continue.

Underground drainage works complete.

Watch this video of the concrete water tank being placed under the basement.

December 2021: Basement works.

December has been a busy month at Shelley St.

Get the latest from superintendent Michael Nicholas as he takes a tour of works on site and provides an update.

November 2021: Concrete works set to commence.

Ground anchors and bulk excavation is now complete.

Rock drilling and removal in progress.

Concrete works for shotcrete and slab on ground commencing this month.

October 2021: Basement works going strong.

Despite the recent shutdowns, works at Shelley St are continuing to make great progress.

Piling and capping beams are now complete. Bulk excavation has also commenced.

September 2021: Basement works have now commenced.

With the recent planning approvals from Yarra Council, Arrow have taken over site and commenced the basement works.

July 2020: Demolition works are now complete at Shelley St!

The authority headworks including external connections to the site are currently underway.

Headworks are now underway.


The old warehouse and display suite are now gone.

June 2020: Demolition and early works are underway at Shelley St. 

The neighbouring property and public protection works have also commenced, which will be followed by demolition of the corner warehouse component of the site in the coming weeks.

Sad to see the display suite all boarded up but we’re ready to get building.

Lots of progress in this vibrant nook of Richmond.

Check back here for more updates soon.