Creating something Wantirna can be proud of.

A leafy, sustainable and social community in a hidden gem of Melbourne’s East.

The site is gifted with some beautiful, large trees that will be retained. Over 40 different species and hundreds of new trees will be planted, to create a long lasting canopy for existing neighbours and future residents.

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A sustainable water management system providing passive irrigation to support the extensive landscaping and plant life will be supported by a blue-green spine through the central part of the site.

Open and shared spaces will be broken into well considered zones, accessible by the wider community to harness the social spirit of the area and create a strong sense of neighbourhood.

The homes will be designed to celebrate Wantirna’s history, but in a sustainable and timeless manner. Landscaped courtyards will complement the backyards and large open spaces within the site.

All on street parking for the original school will be retained and a new footpath for use by the community will be added, accentuating the numerous pedestrian linkages through the site. Parking for future residents will be contained within the site.

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