11 lofts brought to you by the people of Collingwood.

Anticipated completion in 2021.

There is nowhere else like Collingwood. Inspired by the authentic character of its surrounding streets and eclectic culture, The Workshop is a limited collection of 11 contemporary lofts.

From the existing façade on Harmsworth Street to the refined industrial interior spaces, the architectural and design team from DKO and SLAB has ensured The Workshop acknowledges the form, history and present day character of this inner-urban area.

The result is something completely different to today’s market, yet perfectly in tune with how Collingwood locals like to live.

The double height loft residences of The Workshop offer a living experience not generally available in today’s apartments. Unlike split-level apartments, which are sometimes mistakenly described as lofts, these are true Brooklyn style homes with five-metre high ceilings in the living areas set against bedrooms in an upper level.

The Workshop is created by people who live and work in the area. The architect lives two streets away from this location, while the engineers and designers work nearby. They all share a passion for the area and are committed to keeping the character of Collingwood alive.